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About Me

So this is the blog “About Me” page that I never wanted to write. I am a wife to my husband of 42 years, Chris, and the mother of four adult children, who thankfully, support themselves in meaningful careers. I am also now a part of a very exclusive, special-invitation-only parent group that will define the rest of my life. 


I truly love being a wife and mother more than anything on this earth. It is exactly who I was made to be. Second to my family, teaching hundreds of voice students has been the greatest joy throughout my adult life. It is the reason I have offered you a song link for each blog. Music is essential for this journey.


And on this journey, as each child with a disability crosses my path, my ear bends towards heaven to find hope. I know I was born to use my voice to tell their stories and strengthen our communities.


This blog will introduce you to our fifth child, Robert, and reveal to you two women named Juli. Crazy, isn’t it? My “About Me” page has two lives--one before our Robert was born, and one after.


You will also meet my family members who have accepted both versions of me and have chosen to share their stories. You may recognize yourself or someone you know as you read. 


My desire for you is that you will meet me with all of my imperfections, inadequacies, and faults and find hope for your life. Please allow me to show you how our Robert was placed divinely “In Our Arms.”


Whether you are a member of this special group or share these writings with a friend or family member who is, I would like to know your story, too. One day, I will ask you to join me in this story.


Can we create together a place where stories of hope move us to courageously touch another life? I know we can. That soon coming day will showcase our collective voices and actions on our “About Us” page. 


God bless you as you hear my voice. 


In Our Arms

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