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20 Self Care Tips for Caregivers

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Epilepsy Awareness Day

I recently attended Robert's pediatric neurologist, Dr. Keough’s of Child Neurology Consultants of Austin webinar on Epilepsy. It was excellent! Here is an important slide on seizure first aid from her presentation.

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Self-Care in 10 Minutes

By Lisa Lightner ~ A Day in Our Shoes ~ January 13, 2022

(This resource is offered by In Our Arm Blog with permission from GMP Consulting.)


Here are 36 easy self-care ideas for busy moms. These ideas are meant to be short since most moms cannot take an entire day off for self-care (even though that is what we all really need!), let alone ten minutes. Choose something from this list, and feel your stress slowly ease away.


Most of these only take 10 minutes and do not require any additional purchases. (but hey, if you want to – buy it!)


Click download button to see full list!

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Parenting With Impact

I was recently interviewed by Elaine Taylor-Klaus on the Parenting With Impact podcast. It was a great experience! We talked about parenting medically fragile kids, and how to focus on what matters, and my joy and privilege of raising Robert.

Parenting With Impact features leading experts, bringing cutting edge information to parents of complex kids, and how to use the coach approach for implementing strategies for raising confident, independent children.

I was fortunate enough to be a guest on the show. I found the experience to be really inspiring. Elaine is passionate about what she does!


Here are just a few of the topics we covered:

  • Don’t go down the research rabbit hole until you have a diagnosis

  • Focus on aiding in their journey, instead of trying to fix everything

  • Find support where you can and learn to ask for help


You can listen to the full interview on:

iTunes Stitcher Spotify Amazon Podcasts iHeart  Radio C-Suite Radio TuneIn  Google Podcasts and YouTube 


If you enjoyed it, please do me a favor and leave a review and let us know what part made the biggest impact!










They also offer online parenting courses, the "Sanity School®" Parent Training Course (Online Behavior Therapy) for parents of children with ADHD and related challenges, sounds amazing! It offers reality-based strategies for parents through online classes that are reinforced with a workbook, weekly emails, an online forum, and group Q & A calls with a coach.


Use my affiliate link to check it out here:


Peruse their site and let me know what resources you liked the most!


I just watched your podcast with Parenting With Impact. And, yes, it definitely had impact!

A couple things I loved about it was that Elaine could identify with you on some level and had good questions. Also, how you explained the “peace” you felt once you had a name to Robert’s condition. You got relief on multiple levels. I would think that is a gold nugget for parents to hear if they, too, are raising medically fragile kids.

I loved how Elaine related your advice to “pace yourself”, to the actual mitochondrial disease itself, by saying that though Robert’s disease didn’t have the energy to support his bodily systems, you (as the mom) had to use your fuel for/at the right time for yourself to care for him. That stuck with me.

I also loved how you encouraged parents to realize their child is a gift and the parent has the privilege to raise them, no mistakes made. And to be brave, little by little, to ask for help, and practice self care. ‘Not meant to do it alone. Some have the gift to help you.

This was the first time I heard you mention “when you raised Robert, you felt His pleasure.” That was extra special.

I bet God and Robert are both smiling at you today!

I know I am!' - Cheryl Foster


Share Holiday Kind Cards

Blessing families caring for children with disabilities is an idea that I desire to be practical and observable. It is love at its best.

I am excited to share with you our Holiday In Our Arms Random Acts of Kindness Initiative! Download and share these compliment cards with anyone you feel needs a little kindness or a word of encouragement. Use #InOurArms so we can join you in blessing families! 💜


I've always loved the idea of having a few of these printed in business card size and having them on hand to give to mothers I encounter in public. You can print it off by clicking the purple "Upload it" button!


The past year has been difficult on everyone, but perhaps on mothers most of all. This holiday season, let's all take a moment to encourage the women in our circles and share a little kindness! If you do share in person or digitally, we hope you'll tag us online and use the hashtag #InOurArms. Let's make this a movement that spreads like wildfire! 🔥

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