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About Saturday Night …

How do I say “Thank you” to Any Baby Can of San Antonio (ABC) for such an honor as receiving the Angel Advocate Award last Saturday evening at the Angel Affair 2022? There are not enough words! However, I will take some thoughts from my speech that night and let you in on what my heart felt for the amazing people I have had the joy of advocating with for more than 8 years. There were so many people in that room that I love deeply.

Chris and I were seated with Honorary Chair, Helen Loring Dear, and her family who served us with care at Porter Loring Mortuaries when Robert passed. I honored those who were there that took the time to join an Any Baby Can committee, to be my friend on the Board of Directors, and who mentored me as a Board Chair. My sincere thanks went to those who walked with me and allowed me to be under their leadership when they were my President and CEO. I was so grateful for the women of valor who were seated at Table 23 who said “Yes” every time I asked them to join me in a meaningful community adventure at ABC for the cause of caring for families with a child or youth with disabilities.

As I look back over that beautiful event, I am in awe of the great work that has been accomplished for 40 years at ABC. I am also not surprised that the families they have served, such as ours, continue to give back to this nonprofit organization.

I humbly received the award knowing all that I do is an extension of the love and encouragement from my family and community of friends. I have been changed for the better because special people like these and our precious Robert taught me well.

With a grateful heart, I thank you. - Juli

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