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Grace in Real Life Podcast: Grace in Parenting with Juli Henderson

I had the most meaningful podcast interview with Jill E McCormick of Grace in Real Life Podcast last month and I am so excited to tell you it is live! I can hardly wait for you to listen in and tell me what you think! Jill and I each spoke from our hearts in regards to walking in grace when raising our children. For me, raising five children with one of them having profound complex disabilities required a lot of love and grace.

At one point in our conversation, we landed on the subject of what would be helpful to teach our children about interacting with others with disabilities. I was able to offer practical suggestions based on my own experiences as a mom of a child with disabilities. It is not always what you say, but how you approach the family you would like to get to know.

We also covered several helpful topics on this journey of showing grace in caregiving. It was such a meaningful discussion that I hope will help others as well! Check out what she writes and listen in below. Be sure to leave me a comment to let me know what you think!

"When raising a special needs child, what practical ways will help you get through the day? How can you strengthen your marriage? What do you do when you cannot reconcile your good God allowing your child to suffer?

We’re in our Grace in Parenting series, and we’re talking all about raising special needs children with special needs advocate speaker, and writer Juli Henderson.

In our conversation, Juli shares:

  • one simple, small way to build community,

  • three ways to effectively advocate for your child

  • the importance of speaking life-giving words in the face of a hard diagnosis.

  • and for those who aren’t raising special needs children, how to be a good friend and raise inclusive kids." - Jill E. McCormick

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