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“I Used My Voice”: Juli Henderson on San Antonio Charter Moms

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

I am honored to be featured on San Antonio Charter Moms Blog! I also invite you to watch our LIVE interview that airs today (3/1/2023) at 2 pm.

I share what I've learned about advocating for your child no matter the level of “giftedness.”

1️⃣ I was the one who knew my child the best in the room. It was my job to speak up and ask questions and offer suggestions about what could work for Robert.

2️⃣ Asking someone to sit with me in Robert’s ARD meeting was appropriate and healthy if I needed to have an extra ear and advocate.

3️⃣ I realize now that most school officials would prefer if parents would be prepared to discuss data without the emotions and tears.

4️⃣ One of my responsibilities as Robert’s mom was to help ensure the success of the IEP goals.

5️⃣ I still needed to use my voice to advocate for Robert’s needs because he was unable to speak for himself.

6️⃣ I was prepared at any point to close the ARD meeting as was my right as an ARD committee member.

Hop over to San Antonio Charter Moms to read my experience and insight, and peruse the other useful information Inga Cotton and her team are sharing to help parents navigate the school system.

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