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Orchids Abounding

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Hummingbird And Two Types Of Orchids by Martin Johnson Heade

“There’s a protea in there! That flower is not an orchid. It has to be taken out.”

As we were starting this blog design, my oldest daughter asked me what I wanted it to look like. I told her a garden of orchids because that is my favorite flower. I have studied and purchased many books on orchids and shared a greenhouse with a friend so that I could grow more varieties of orchids in her greenhouse. I have attended several orchid shows and strolled through the National Gallery of Art with my parents to see 19th century American painter Martin Johnson Heade’s extraordinary paintings of orchids and hummingbirds. What a priceless joy that was!

I am totally smitten with the beauty of this vast species of plants. I buy them from orchid greenhouses and local grocery stores. I prefer orchids to every plant that God has placed on this planet. They always catch my attention.

So, you can imagine how odd it was for me to see a protea flower (not in the orchid family at all) in my blog’s floral bouquet design. I mentioned it openly to my family, and several of them said to just leave it in there because nobody would notice that protea, even though I was righteously against it!

So, I decided to investigate what that spiky flower stood for. What would be the contrast between my beloved orchids and the oddly shaped protea? Yep, you guessed it. It was totally astounding:

Orchids make up one of the two largest, diverse, and widespread family of flowering plants. They are generally affiliated with love, fertility and elegance. The protea is a South African flowering plant whose flower represents change and hope.

How could it be clearer that the protea flower had to stay? My family laughed when I read this symbolism out loud. I stared in shock. My daughter is brilliant…she had no idea that this blog design would remind me daily of why I am writing this blog.

In the beauty of our massive orchid design, you will see it. Amidst the flowers of love you will see the hope. Change happens to all of us. But the deep, lasting hope that we need to survive is born out of adversity and love. Those spiky edges on each protea flower remind me that God has birthed change in my life, but He has also given me hope.

You will see the hope in the mass garden of your life. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But you will see the protea flower in your garden of orchids one day. Look for it. He has not left you without it.

Listening Library: The Garden (Kari Jobe)

“Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” (1 Corinthians 13:7 ESV)

The Garden

I had all

But given up

Desperate for it

A sign from love

Something good

Something kind

Bringing peace to every corner of my mind

Then I saw the garden

Hope had come to me

To sweep away the ashes

And wake me from my sleep

I realized

You never left

And for this moment

You planned ahead

That I would see

Your faithfulness in all of the green

I can see the ivy

Growing through the wall

'Cause You will stop at nothing

To heal my broken soul

I can see the ivy

Reaching through the wall

'Cause You will stop at nothing

To heal my broken soul

Ohh, You're healing broken souls

Ohh, You're healing broken souls

Faith is rising up like ivy

Reaching for the light

Hope is stirring deep inside me

Making all things right

Love is lifting me from sorrow

Catching every tear

Dispelling every lie and torment

Crushing all my fears

You crush all my fears

You crush all my fears

With Your perfect love

Ohh-ohhh, with Your perfect love

Now I see redemption

Growing in the trees

The death and resurrection

In every single seed....

Songwriters: Kari Jobe The Garden lyrics © Bethel Music Publishing

In Our Arms

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