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The Room Refresh Begins!

Thank you all for helping us reach 1000+ followers on Instagram this month! It was so exciting to award our In Our Arms Blog “Room Refresh” winner from our followers. On Monday, designer Heidi Lentz and I had the pleasure of meeting our winner, Vanessa Sutton, and some of her family. What a beautiful start to my day!

We were thrilled to meet Vanessa’s husband, Erick, as well and share custom cookies donated by Jordan Taylor's Designs with him. His response? "Really good cookies!" We also presented Vanessa with one of our blog “Breathe” candles.

The Suttons' son, Zachary, will enjoy this special gift of the "Room Refresh." He was very helpful in sharing with Heidi all that he hoped for in his new teenage room. He will probably be very happy to share the good news with his older sister, Mackenzie.

As I parked in front of the Sutton home, Zachary greeted me with kind words, eager to open my car door for me. What a fine young man! Zachary is hearing impaired and, as his mom looked on, he took great pride in sharing about his complex life.

Zachary was also eager to show us the signs on his street that warn drivers to slow down because there is a child who is hearing impaired and autistic living on their street. We had honest, insightful conversations as we prepared to start this amazing project for the Sutton family.

I will let Heidi work her magic, and we will share the room reveal with you soon! By the way, this donation of Heidi’s many designer talents was her idea — just because she wanted to give back to our community. What a generous gift, and what a beautiful friend. Thank you, Heidi!

Thanks again for joining us as we bless a family with a refreshed room to enjoy on the ever-changing journey of Life Unexpected.

Let the fun begin!

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